Arlene Roth“I thoroughly enjoy working with Holly. She’s a wonderful writer who understands clients’ needs. She expresses herself clearly – and with a dash of humor when appropriate. She knows how to tailor her tone for diverse audiences. And she always responds to my queries promptly and enthusiastically. I look forward to further collaboration with Holly, and I can recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Arlene Roth, Editor

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Top River Cruise Trends Set Sail


Health & Wellness

Train Your Brain


Train Your Brain



Health and wellness on vacation


Stay Fit & Healthy on Vacation




blog post-5 top yoga styles



5 Top Yoga Styles – Best for Boomers


health & wellness habits for kids, healthy living Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids



Travel article


Up North: Top Ways to Celebrate Fall



Travel article


Last-minute Getaways



River cruises travel article



River Cruises: Why They’re All the Rage




travel article Trouble in Paradise




parenting article


But I’m Not Tired



Guns-Within a Child's Reach


Guns-Within a Child’s Reach




parenting article


Confessions of a Bedtime Story Addict




parenting article


Nine Habits of Highly Humiliating Parents



Children & Teens

Cricket Media, Odyssey Magazine, feature article, article writer, children's article



Cricket Media’s Odyssey Magazine cover story: The Hollow Flashlight



children's news article, app writer

News-O-Matic: Saving Superman
(Children’s iPad app)





Women’s Interest

My Night With the Bunco Babes, women's interest, essay


My Night With the Bunco Babes




humorous lifestyle article, women's interest


Green Thumb-less




Human Interest

Livonia Teens on Mission to Peru

Village Oaks Gives Back

Not Just Puppy Love

Novi Teen Fights Back

Touching Hearts