Craft creative content marketing on my keyboard.If you need a professional writer with solid research skills and experience writing feature articles, motivating travel copy, and compelling marketing content designed to boost traffic and help you meet your marketing goals, well…you’ve found me!



Case Studies

To make their B2B purchasing decisions, 73% of buyers read case studies (Source: DemandGen). The evidence is clear, one of the most effective ways to bring in new customers is through the positive experiences of your most successful customers. Case studies’ powerful storytelling elements drive home the detailed results and positive impact of doing business with your company. Customers need to feel comfortable in knowing that you can deliver on what you say you can. And customer case studies showcase this in a powerful way, helping to build confidence and turn prospects into buyers.

White Papers

DemandGen’s 2016 Content Preferences Survey Report showed that 82% of buyers read white papers to make their B2B purchasing decisions, and 96% of B2B respondents want more content from industry thought leaders. Maintaining a library of white papers generates leads, builds mailing lists and establishes your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Articles & Blog Posts

Whether it’s for your business website, newsletter, magazine or digital publication, I will dig into the research and interview experts. Then I’ll craft a winning article or blog post that matches your tone, voice and style.

Travel Content

Over the years I’ve worked with travel sellers and B2B travel providers, giving me a unique perspective in effectively addressing the travel content marketing needs of the travel industry’s B2B side. On the B2C side, you can rely on me to craft destination copy that not only transports the reader, but inspires them to pack up and go.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral: Website copy, brochures, email marketing campaigns, sales sheets, whatever form of marketing collateral you’re looking for, I’m happy to provide it.


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