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So glad you asked!

I understand your customer.

My past experience includes work in television, advertising, marketing and hotel convention planning. Among my happy clients you’ll see names such as Spectrum Enterprise, Amadeus, Cendyn / Rainmaker, Pegasus, Virtuoso, MasterCard, Fairmont, Marriott, AHI Travel, Skyword, ACT, and When it comes to the hospitality industry, I understand how technology plays a key role in driving personalization, streamlining operations and creating unsurpassed guest experiences. And my travel content typically garners high numbers of social shares.

I’m accurate.

With more than two decades of professional writing experience (and a passion for creative writing that extends waaaay back to my elementary school days) one of my superpowers is my accuracy. I’m detail oriented and geek out on research, striving to hit the mark with every piece of copy I write. I’m also a skilled linguist, with the ability to translate confusing jargon and “techie speak” into regular ol’ non-techie language.

Storytelling is my jam.

In today’s world of flashy ads and pop-ups, 63 percent of people remember stories, while only 5 percent remember statistics. And nearly 80 percent of people want brands to tell stories as part of their marketing. Stories tap into emotion, break down walls, and allow you to connect with your customers. In addition to writing for publications and businesses, I write fiction. I know how to weave a tale. So, from articles to blog posts to case studies, I can apply powerful storytelling elements to any writing project I take on.

I partner with my clients.

Because of my strong background with the travel and hospitality markets, and my track record of success, I don’t need a lot of handholding. I understand your customer base. And I approach every project with professionalism, truly caring about the results. My clients value my expertise and consider me a trusted resource, and I nearly always continue partnering with them over the long term.

Holly Bowne
Text or call: (424) 27-BOWNE (424-272-6963)

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