Who Am I?

Freelance writer, travel and tourism copywriter, and professional blogger

So glad you asked! I’m a content marketing writer, copywriter and professional journalist based in southeast Michigan. In my previous life (before kids), I worked in convention planning, television and retail advertising. After kids, I decided to make a business career out of my passion for writing.

In our free time, my family and I are passionate travelers. We love experiencing the different sites, cultures and cuisine of our fascinating world. And although I’m not a professional photographer, I like to play one on vacations!

Approaching new assignments with keyboard and creativity, I excel at crafting travel copy and content marketing that boosts website traffic, sales and social shares. And I love digging into research and transforming it into articlescase studies, white papers and blog posts. I also dabble in fiction (hoping it will someday be more than a dabble), so I’m able to incorporate storytelling techniques into the copy I create, making it all the more rich and compelling. Happily married to the love of my life, I’m the mother of two awesome college-age kids–and a cockapoo–who teach me new things every day.

Oh, and feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn!

Freelance writer, travel copywriter, Michigan-based,

Best office partner, EVER!



More than you probably want to know

  • Education: Central Michigan University Alumna
  • Favorite Season: Fall
  • Favorite Pastime: Reading books aloud to my kids (when they were younger) & creating unique voices for each character.
  • Pet: Oreo, our hypoallergenic (cough!) cockapoo who has severe allergies and requires weekly allergy shots. (I’ll bet you didn’t even know there was such a thing as a doggie allergist, did you?)
  • Best Invention Ever: Hands-free phone headsets
  • Second Best Invention Ever: The recording feature on my iPhone for capturing those flashes of inspiration the moment they occur.
  • Favorite Vegetable: Chocolate (Hey! It comes from a bean.)
  • Best Idea Sources: I blatantly steal article ideas and witty dialogue from my friends, who are much funnier than I am.
  • Most Unusual Sport: Fencing (When your dad is a Wayne State University Hall of Famer and two-time NCAA foil champion, you’ve got to at least try it, right?)
  • Greatest Joy in Life: Aside from writing, embarrassing my children whenever possible. I’m sure I have some baby pictures around here somewhere…
  • Hopeless Nerd: If it paid money, I’d be a professional student. But being a freelance writer is the next best thing!
  • Directionally Challenged: I’ve been known to get lost in my own hometown. Seriously.
  • Vertically Challenged: At only five-feet tall, I’ve been busted for scaling supermarket shelves in my attempts to reach those elusive top-shelf items.
  • Love to be challenged: With a new writing project!
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